Pro Academia Prize.
Klaus Roth

Pro Academia Prize 2021

The Exe­cu­tive Board of the Pro Aca­de­mia Prize has de­cid­ed to con­fer the Pro Aca­de­mia Prize 2021 on Klaus Roth of Berlin, Ger­many. Dr. Roth is a a German pro­fessor of chem­istry, uni­­ver­sity teacher, author, and — through his ex­ten­sive and far-reaching inter­dis­ciplin­ary ne­twork of col­labora­tors — an out­stand­ing pro­moter of science and aca­demic ex­change.

Due to restrictions caused by the pandemic, Dr. Roth received the Pro Academia Prize by proxy in Berlin. → more

The Prize

The Owl

The Pro Aca­de­mia Prize is be­stow­ed on the leader and — if possible — the mem­­bers of aca­de­mic groups that serve as an examp­le in creat­ing "nur­­se­r­ies" of sci­­en­­ti­­fic emi­­nence.

n today's com­pe­ti­tive, hec­tic, often erra­tic, money-ori­ent­ed and mostly short-lived science and research, places of quiet dis­cus­sion free from strife are rare, and, though ge­neral­ly preached, broad-based inter­dis­ci­pli­nary ex­change usual­ly remains minor-league.

Single outstanding scientists have become a rarity. They still exist; how­ever, in most cases re­search and aca­de­mia re­quire teams, orga­nized as a net­work of groups with a com­mon inter­est. Leading in­di­vi­duals, with a clear research ori­en­ta­tion, forge suc­cess­ful groups and net­works with ac­com­plish­ed and com­pe­tent re­sear­chers.

The Pro Academia Prize is bestowed on the leader and — if possible — the mem­bers of aca­de­mic groups that serve as an example. They must have worked together and succeeded in reach­ing their goals over a period of at least eight years and thus created "nur­ser­ies" of scien­ti­fic emi­nence. The Prize was esta­blish­ed by The Round Table Found­ation. It was awarded for the first time in 2013.

The Prize is also meant as an incen­tive, a mo­ti­va­tion for young scientists to pursue new avenues of research and teaching. The Round Table Found­ation wants them to go on and follow an honest and ethical academic way.

The Prize itself is a crystal owl, symbo­liz­ing Athe­na, the goddess of crafts and skilled peace­time pur­suits. She personifies wisdom and right­eous­ness. Thus, the Prize stands for scien­ti­fic and aca­de­mic per­se­ve­rance, know­ledge, and ex­change. The Prize lauds these virtues and suc­cesses.

The crystal owl as re­pre­sen­tation of the Prize given to the lea­der of the net­work, cer­ti­fi­cates for all group mem­bers and — when­ever possible — small olive trees will be the sole gifts.

Olive Tree

spaceholder red600   The Executive Board of the Prize comprises the Pre­si­dent and the Coun­cil Members of TRTF, at present Peter A. Rinck, Robert N. Muller, Patricia de Fran­cis­co, and Hans G. Rin­gertz. Members of Ad­vi­sory Com­mit­tee are Luis Martí-Bon­matí, Regine C. Schulz, Edu­a­rdo Po­sa­da Flórez, and Klaus Roth. The Board may call in per­so­na­li­ties in aca­demia as expert consultants.

The Prize is conferred every other year. Can­di­dates can be nomi­nated by the mem­bers of the Board or the Ad­vi­sory Com­mit­tee. Direct appli­ca­tions are not accepted. However, suggestions can be conveyed to any member of the Executive Board.

Pro Academia Prize 2023
The laureate(s) for 2023 will be an­nounced in late summer 2023.