Pro Academia Prize 2015.
Luis Martí-Bonmatí

Pro Academia Prize 2015

The Exe­cu­tive Board of the Pro Aca­de­mia Prize has de­cid­ed to con­fer the Pro Aca­de­mia Prize 2015 on Regine C. Schulz of Hil­des­heim, Germany, as the hub of an aca­demic net­work, in­clud­ing the follow­ing group leaders re­pre­sent­ing their re­spect­ive groups:

Horst Beinlich, Wurzburg; Marco Bunge, Marburg; Wendy A. Cheshire, Huntington, NY; Terry Drayman-Weisser, Baltimore, MD; Michael Helmbrecht / Christoph Schwendy, Hildesheim; Friedhelm Hoffmann, Munich; Richard Jasnow, Baltimore, MD; Andrew Monson, New York; Wilfried Seipel, Vienna; and Emin Tuncay, Hildesheim.

Excerpts from the Prize Assessment

The Owl

Regine C. Schulz is an emi­nent ar­cheo­logist, lin­guist, and his­t­o­rian with a focus on Egyp­to­logy who was and is par­ti­cu­lar­ly instru­men­tal in fur­ther­ing academic ex­change bet­ween nu­me­rous dis­cipli­nes. She was award­ed this year's Prize in re­cog­nition of her ef­forts of bring­ing to­gether scien­tists, resear­chers, and scho­lars, among them archeo­lo­gists, con­ser­vators, museum specia­lists, histo­rians, de­signers, specia­lists in inter­active in­or­mation techno­logy, and re­pre­sen­ta­tives of dif­ferent reli­gions.

The Prize proposal stressed in particular her project em­pha­siz­ing "The Emergence of the World: Egypt's Last Creation Myth": For several decades, an in­ter­na­tional team dedicated their time and expertise to this project. Thus, the list of the co-laureates is in­ter­na­tional, from Europe and North America.

Professor Schulz is an exem­plary cen­tral person and linch­pin pro­mot­ing aca­de­mic col­la­bo­ration, ex­change with, and “cross-fer­ti­li­za­tion” bet­ween, among others, museums, uni­ver­sity de­part­ments, and the media, as well as scien­ti­fic co­opera­tion and in­te­gra­tion of aca­de­mic re­search, ex­change, and pre­sen­tation – in this case the trans­for­ma­tion and inter­pre­ta­tion of Ancient Egyptian crea­tion myths as models for na­ture phe­no­mena and exist­en­tial human and sci­en­ti­fic questions and prob­lems.

In a joint effort, the col­la­bo­ra­tors opened their field to the pub­lic, ex­plain­ing and sti­mu­lat­ing inter­est, deep­en­ing under­stand­ing, and im­part­ing and con­vey­ing cul­tu­ral and reli­gious back­ground to a broad au­di­ence. The fi­nal pre­sen­ta­tion of their work cul­mi­nat­ed in a major ex­hi­bi­tion that was shown in North America and Europe.

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Pictures of the Ceremony

The Prize was presented to Regine C. Schulz and to the group leaders of the academic network "In Recognition of their Efforts, Contributions, and Achievements in Science and Academic Life" at a special ceremony at the Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim on 14 November 2015.

Right click on the pictures to enlarge them or to download them in a high-resolution version. Pictures: Sh. Shalchi. © 2015 RP Museum • Additional © TRTF 2015.

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 The Pro Academia Prize 2015. 
2 / 17
 Peter A. Rinck delivering the Prize Presentation Speech. 
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 The mayor of Hildesheim Ingo Meyer delivering a panegyric on Regine C. Schulz. 
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 Regine C. Schulz receiving the Prize from Robert N. Muller. 
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 Regine C. Schulz thanking for the Prize in her Acceptance Speech. 
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 Horst Beinlich receiving the Prize. 
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 Emin Tuncay receiving the Prize on behalf of the Round Table of Abraham. 
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 Marco Bunde receiving the Prize. 
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 Michael Helmbrecht receiving the Prize. 
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 Christoph Schwendy receiving the Prize. 
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The Prize recipients present at the Prize Ceremony in Hildesheim and the representatives of TRTF. 
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 The olive tree is the Order of Merit of the Pro Academia Prize, the "Pour le Mérite". 
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 Picture of the audience, Regine Schulz at the lectern. 
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 Picture of the audience. 
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 Picture of the audience. First row: Peter A. Rinck, Robert N. Muller, Ingo Meyer. 
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 Robert Muller, Regine Schulz, Peter Rinck on the terrace of the Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum. 
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 The Prize Owl. 

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