Pro Academia Prize 2023

The laureate(s) for 2023 will be an­nounced in autumn 2023.

The Prize is conferred every other year. Can­di­dates can be nomi­nated by the mem­bers of the Board or the Ad­vi­sory Com­mit­tee. Direct appli­ca­tions are not accepted.

However, suggestions can be conveyed to any member of the Executive Board.

Press Releases

Pro Academia Prize 2021 — Release in English (23 July 2021).

Pro Academia Prize 2019 — Release in English (19 July 2019).

Pro Academia Prize 2017 — Release in English and Spanish (11 October 2017).

Pro Academia Prize 2015 — Release in English, German and Spanish (13 November 2015).

Pro Academia Prize 2013 — Release in English and Spanish (15 January 2013).

Please check one of the press releases for the e-mail address of the office.

Internal Use Only

Pro Academia Prize 2023 — Nomination Form (deadline 31 July 2023).